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December 06, 2004

War on Comment Spam

Aside from being involved in other things, and thus not feeling driven to post, every time I've logged in with the intent of posting something I've faced cleaning up 100 or more comment spams from commercial drug and porn sites. I need to upgrade to a version of software to require registration or the maintenance load of dealing with this will drive me totally away from blogging. But that means a chunk of time to install and tweak new software, and I haven't found it so far.

So, I disabled comments. Maybe that will at least get me posting some things I've meant to post on.

Once I get back into a bit more regular posting I'll work on upgrading to software that gives me control over who can (cannot!) post comments.

If I could track these pirates (taking my bandwith and labor time to promote their commercial efforts without my consent is theft) without breaking the law myself, I would seek legal redress. Alas, they run through zombies and proxies and I'd have to take up hacking to find them. I will not.

Sorry for being absent. At least having no comments will have zero impact on you the real readers until *I* get my act together and start posting.

Now to delete 300 more spam comments...

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