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September 20, 2004

Can we see a pattern yet?

For those who haven't been following the controversy over John Kerry's service in Vietnam, John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson of Powerline and Ed Morrissey of Captains Quarters have collaborated on two New York Post articles which summarize the basics pretty well. In "The Mysteries of John Kerry's War Record" they examine the unraveling of a couple of Kerry's tall tales, his Christmas in Cambodia myth and his adoption of Alston as one of his "band of brothers." Both of these falsehoods have been exposed, and as a result the campaign has backed away from them.

The "Christmas in Cambodia" has become "he was in Cambodia sometime in January on a mission," though zero evidence of even that has been put forth. Alston has disappeared from the campaign, after analysis of the timeline from Navy records on the Kerry site and other supporting documentation, including Brinkley's puff bio (see much more below) and Boston Globe's articles, showed that Kerry and Alston could not have been together on the missions they jointly claimed. One of those missions was actually a mission led by Lt. Tedd Peck, who Kerry replaced as PCF-94 commander. In fact, Kerry replaced Peck because Peck was seriously wounded on that mission. Kerry has stopped claiming credit for Peck's mission, and little or nothing has been said about Alston since this story broke.

"Kerry the Antiwar Activist" looks at Kerry's post-war activities. These have been less covered so far in the major media and even here online. Partly this is due to the focus of the Swift Veterans for Truth on Kerry's time in Vietnam, where they have personal knowledge of his actions. This shorter article mentions Kerry's Senate testimony following the "Winter Soldier hearings" in Detroit where purported veterans of Vietnam described what they claimed to have seen or participated in first hand. Many of these testimonies have since been discredited. Some of those claiming Vietnam veteran status never set foot in Vietnam, fo example. The statement Kerry made before the Senate was based on these testimonies. While Kerry has never apologised for false testimony, he has backed away from it somewhat, saying that he may have overstated the case in the heat of the moment.

The article also mentions the Kansas City meeting of the VVAW at which the assassination of pro-war senators was discussed and voted upon. Kerry had long claimed to have resigned before that meeting and that he was not present. Following the release of FBI files under a FOIA request, it was proven that he was there, and he has backed off from his claim to not have attended.

Can we see a pattern yet?

The major piece missing (there are a lot of minor details that could also be "fisked" in Kerry's "record") is the post-war meetings Kerry had with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in Paris on at least two occasions. There he reported he discussed how to end the war and the repatriation of prisoners of war. For many years Kerry claimed he only met them once, in an opportunistic meeting while he happened to be in Paris on his honeymoon. (It's interesting that I don't recall Brinkley mentioning Kerry was in Paris on his honeymoon. He does mention a loaned house on a Carribean island... Jamaica?) When the FOIA request resulted the release of Kerry's FBI files, he had to back away from that position. Kerry himself is quoted in a newspaper article speaking of a second trip to Paris to talk to the Vietnamese enemy. Both of these trips happened while Kerry remained a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve. U.S. Navy records on Kerry's campaign site (as of now, but they too might disappear, if history is any indicator) prove this conclusively, despite his campaign's spin to make it appear he was either "honorably discharged" before this period, or in the standby reserve ("inactive"), not the ready reserve.

All of this would be clearer if the parties involved released their full records. Kerry has refused repeated requests that he sign a Form 180 which would grant full access to his U.S. Navy files. Some things are exempt from FOIA requests that are pertinent in this case. Likewise, Alston has refused to sign the form. Actually seeing Alston's records would establish if he ever served under John Kerry, as both have claimed, or if it's just one more Kerry fabrication.

I pray that American's have enough sense to wonder why Kerry has so consistently lied about his past. I pray that we will wonder why he's so reluctant to release his full records. Remember, John Kerry has admitted to the fabrications listed above.

The pattern is clear to any who will look.

Posted by dan at September 20, 2004 10:27 AM | TrackBack

THe near unprecedented quantity of tolerated, ignored, well documented falshoods and other treasonous acts related to Kerry's public behaviour as an adult are now monumental and growing. There is a body of historical opinion that claims similar levels of extreme public hypocrisy were prevalent in the months leading up to the first shot on Fort Sumter in 1861. The opperative element here would appear to be 'polarization'. In the CBS fraud-doc case the scale in which logic and reason are denied is beyond measure. Polarization has now taken us to the point where many citizens and political leaders are repeatedly saying white is black and night is day. Civil war might not yet be on the horizon but the rumblings born of profound, polarized unreconcilable national differences are there to be heard by those with ears to hear.

Posted by: Ronald Proby at September 20, 2004 12:52 PM
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