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August 31, 2004

Verb: To Kerry

It's a lot shorter than "to flip on and off" so I offer this new verb. It's in line with other verbs, such as "to jimmy," so it's not precedent setting, and in the current political climate it will be clear to many listeners immediately what is meant.

Some suggested uses to get you started:

Kerry the power on that computer, please. (Beats the existing words such as "cycle" or the phrase "power that system on and off".. though "bounce" is fairly concise.)

Would you kerry the car lights please, that's him over there. (Okay, "flash is shorter in this case, but kerry is more fun!)

I've been chatting her up all evening, but she keeps kerrying on me.

Hasn't the weather been kerrying madly lately?

Just kerry that blender a time or two to smooth that sauce.

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