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August 27, 2004

Not-So-Swift Verse

Nothing quite seemed to fill my sails with motivation today. But Powerline's Dateline: Little Saigon managed something even worse. Somewhere down in the recesses of my DC-stagnated soul, a dormant verse gene twtiched when I read this line:

His anti-war antics that helped launch a thousand boats, coupled with his shelving of the 2001 Vietnam Human Rights Act (a litmus test for a majority of Vietnamese no matter what party), gives President Bush a golden opportunity to woo an often overlooked minority voting block.
from Little Saigon Eyes Kerry

I just watched Shakespeare In Love again over the weekend, so that probably had the great lines from Dr. Faustus floating high in my memory. The resonance produced the following shipwreck:

A Faustian Bargain
(for the Swifties, with apologies to them
and to Christopher Marlowe)

Is this the face that launched a thousand boats,
That burned the thatched-roofed huts of Viet Nam?
Shrill Kerry shouted, honor fell away,
His lies sucked forth our souls, see how they died!
Come, Kerry, come, give us our souls again.
We will parade, returned at last from war
When Kerry's tongue repents dishonesty,
Or when this final battle rights the score.

Posted by dan at August 27, 2004 06:53 PM