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August 17, 2004

There's Something About a Wall

NRO's The Corner has an interesting quote from a statement made on BBC-TV by Bernard Levin sometime around 1980. Levin died August 7.

"For 20 years I have been reading reports of brave Germans risking, and quite often losing, their lives to get over the Berlin wall. I have noticed a funny thing: THEY WERE ALL HEADED IN THE SAME DIRECTION..."

I have the privilege of visiting the Ronald Reagan Building here in D.C. pretty often, and a piece of the Berlin Wall is preserved there, an appropriate homage to the man who said, "Mr. Gobachev, tear down this wall!" Perhaps this explains why the above quote resulted in that Westward trend clicking immediately into juxtaposition with another analogous trend.

All of these new "brave freedom-seekers" risking their lives to cross this alternate wall are traveling in one direction also. The freedom they seek, however, is the freedom of death. They carry explosives into democracy, into Israel, to do its citizens harm and to seek its ultimate and final destruction; they do not come empty-handed, with nothing but the hopes for an opportunity to join a free-society and see what they can make of themselves.

While much of the Western media villifies this new wall, very few note that the traffic it stems is one-way, this time not to a new life but to the same old death.

"There's something about a wall," Robert Frost said. It's not always the same something, however. Sometimes, "Good fences make good neighbors."

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