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August 13, 2004

The $400 Million False Alarm

My friend lives in Tampa. She's waiting for Hurricane Charley right now. As long as her power stays up and her DSL connection good, she can tell me what's up there. So I'm getting from her the local reactions as they roll in.

The storm was predicted to come ashore in Tampa Bay and everyone was urged to take the necessary measures to prepare and many people were evacuated. The storm is even now coming ashore 100 miles or so south of there and people in the Tampa Bay area are up in arms. One local radio station finally stopped taking calls after they got too many complaining they were lied to and pissed off about the "shoddy forecasting." Already it's being referred to as the 400 Million Dollar False Alarm.

Sort of reminds me of the Homeland Security Warnings.

/delete rant about how stupid people are.

Do you pay for medical insurance? Do you throw a fit when you don't get cancer so you can take advantage of you insurance coverage?

Didn't think so.

Rejoice! A storm that could have been deadly for you had you not taken precautions may turn out to be not much worse than a summer thunderstorm. But you were prepared for the worst had it come.

That, good citizens, is wisdom.

NOAA does the best it can in predicting these storms. They are tremendously better at it than they were a decade ago. Now we CAN prepare for the storms. But their models are not perfect, and they don't control the weather. They err on the side of saving lives if they can.

So, if you're still pissed off at "wasting all that money and effort," please send your complaints to the address below:

Our Father who art in Heaven.

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