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June 25, 2004

On the road again...

12:40pm - DC map in my right hand, steering wheel in my left, I wind out of the underground garage and make my first wrong turn. In the five months I've been in DC I've driven very little, and I just don't know the Interstates. My guess as to the easiest access to I-95 southbound was wrong.

1:00pm - Finally I'm on I-495 heading south towards I-95. Even though it's very early still, traffic is congested, alternating stop and go with short bursts at 30mph.

1:10pm - Made it to I-95. From here it should be clear sailing down I-95 to I-85, which will take me to Atlanta. But traffic is still heavy. I'm listening to talk radio, though I know I'll lose the signal soon. Then I'll have to go FM. I hope I can at least get NPR for most of the drive.

I notice the car ahead has Pennsylvania plates, and inscribed on the bottom is "www.state.pa.us" where most states still have a county sticker. I guess we really are getting wired. I'm scratching notes on a notepad that I'll transcribe later, but my Dell is plugged into the AC adapter that runs to the cigarette lighter socket. The mouse is optical, so I can run it on my armrest, but I've found it's best to put a pad there and run it on the pad. If I could mount the notebook up on a pedestal beside the wheel, I could type one-handed. Hmm...

There's a semi ahead from "ME Trucking" that has a rather puzzling note painted on the back. It says, "If Jesus is God and you are his brother in Christ, what does that make you?" The construction is a bit odd. The Bible says we're "sons of God," no "bothers of Christ." We are "brothers in Christ" with other Christians. And Jesus is Christ. And, yes, along with being God, Jesus is Son of God, so that would make us brothers of Jesus, in that sense... but what's the point here? That we're all God? I don't think so... Strange take on Christian theology. Seems to me this is theology lite, someone who didn't pay enough attention in Sunday School is trying to be cute. I'm probably a tough audience for this sort of cute. Maybe the average reader is amused. Hope not.

3:25pm - Made it to Richmond. I'm passing the exit I took a few times a year ago when I consulted at the Fed for a week. Bam, instant traffic jam. Stop and go. Oh, I see, black SUV broadsided by a tanker in the center lane on the bridge. That semi must not have been going too fast relative to the SUV. The side is smushed, but looks like the driver should have gotten out fine. Must have just happened, but don't see anyone inside. No time to rubberneck. Slowing traffic more might mean more accidents. Moving nicely once past the accident.

Crossing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge now. The skyways here spiral around more than the ones at Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta do. I think I might be able to actually set my cruise control soon.

3:55pm - Petersburg. Not paying enough attention, I miss the I-85 split. There's an immediate exit, though, and taking that and going around let's me get over to I-85 with only a half mile or so of detour. Moving along pretty well now, though I expect Durham will be congested. I'll hit that around 6pm or so. Bad time.

4:20pm - Passing the Warfield exit off I-85 I see my connection drop. It's been solid the whole way from DC. I lost the signal in this same area coming north, I think at the NC border, so I'm oing to be blacked out for a while, I suspect. I guess there really is a gap in Verizon coverage here.

4:40pm - I hit a rest stop to drain some Diet Coke, stretch, and type this into notepad, since I can't post it at the moment. Still no connection. Oops, I'm wrong, I do have my connection back. Posting this, then on the road again.

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