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June 25, 2004

Da Plan

The subtitle of this blog mentions fishing, doesn't it? But I haven't mentioned fishing in ages. Yeah, okay, I haven't mentioned anything in a few weeks either, so that's probably more the problem than forgetting fishing.

Well, in a couple of hours I head out for a week's vacation. I'll catch the Metro back to the apartment "after lunch," toss my bag into the Explorer, and drive out southbound. The first goal is to make the long haul back to Atlanta to check the house, get the truck inspected, amd then get my tags renewed. I am hoping to have that all completed by Tuesday at the absolute latest. Then I load my fishing tackle, still sitting in the garage there, into the truck and start the drive back north.

This leg won't be crunch driving though. I plan to come back via the Blue Ridge. That drive is not one made for speed. I'm hoping to plink a few wild brookies along the way, up there in the headwaters. Then once I get into Virginia again, I'll take it a bit more slowly. I have fished a couple of streams in Virginia, one in the National Forest (have to look at a map to remember where), and a spring creek in the Charlottesville area. The first was much like fishing the Georgia mountains, except the stream was a bit more open than most there. The second was very different. I need to find that creek again.

I'm going to work my wireless again. It will be interesting to see how connected I can stay up in the Blue Ridge. I am also going to try to blog a fishing log, for the heck of it. I've got assorted notebooks crammed in boxes in the house with a few logs of fishing, but I've never been very regular. They are useful, and interesting to scan back over, but those tend to be very listlike. This time I'll try to aim for something more toward Geirach than lists.

That's the plan. Plans do have a way of changing when they meet the road, or the trout, but I will struggle to keep to it. If nothign else it will give a vacation some structure. This is a good thing. My vacations are usually nebulous days of unspecific activities that quickly fade in memory as little unique marks their passage. I don't want it to be work. I just want it to work.

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