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January 15, 2004

My Impressions of This "Inside the Beltway" Place I Now Inhabit

It's January, and it's cold. This may be the same temperate zone as Atlanta (which has also been cold), but it isn't Atlanta. I walk four or five blocks from my temporary hotel suite to the 11th floor office. By the time I reached the front door of the office building, this morning, I could not feel my ears. Now, before you suggest that ballcap-style headgear might be insufficient and that I should investigate something more appropriate to Minnesota winters with earmuffs, let me clarify. I could not feel my ears because I had put my hands into my pants pockets and they were frozen to my thighs.

People are fat here. Certain parts of Atlanta seem to cluster people with physiques similar to these, but here the ratio seems higher. It's making the term "beltway fat cats" take on a whole new kink. Especially since the ratio seems twisted more towards the female side of the sexual spectrum. This does not exclude the consultants in the offices around me, all of whom must earn incomes proximate to six figures. It's not a race or income-driven phenomenon. Maybe there's a meme loose here that encourages taking in more than one gives out.

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