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October 22, 2003

Bullet Dodged... Sort of

I no sooner got this thing moved "offshore" and installed WindowsME (reminding myself why I hate that version) when that newly freed up box decided to flop over with little Xs on its eyes. The glass is definitely half full. It could have happened before I moved the blog. But, yes, I am annoyed.

For some reason the gods of the machines do not want me running four computers here. I got one fixed last week and had four running for one week, then pop, and Windows exception, and box will no longer boot. It hangs part way through the boot process. I haven't cracked the case yet, I guess I'll reseat the cards and cables and try again before starting the joy of the part-swap game. I thought, at first, it was a video issue. I'm less inclined to believe that now, but it's still possible. That is not the least expensive part to replace, so another problem might be preferable.

This is yet another setback for my plans to expand my mining operations in EVE. I was hoping to ramp that enough that I could pull out some trading capital from my Paypal account to buy another computer, a used one, but fairly current. Oh well, c'est la guerre.

I'm coming up on my monthly deadline for the privacy report I write, so that will keep me writing other things, probably. That said, I've been thinking some about the issue and problem of online anonymity. I think I'll try to write a paper of sorts on that.

Posted by dan at October 22, 2003 02:11 PM