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September 21, 2003

Comments Remain Broken For Now

I just proved that trying to use dial-up and DSL at the same time on my lines fails. It's one or the other. This means I can't easily test my change to my configuration to see if I cleared up the comments problem. Dialing up so I am outside the firewall to test disconnects my server from the internet when DSL goes offline.

If you're reading this, could you please try to post a comment in reply? If you have a problem, it doesn't work, or nothing happens, drop me an email using the link in the sidebar. I'll watch email and take another stab at it.

Update: Nate tried, same problem. So this isn't going to be simple. I would just disable comments, except that too isn't simple, it appears. I'd have to edit them out of all my templates. So, comments are broken until I'm caught up with work and can dig into it.

Posted by dan at September 21, 2003 01:09 PM