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August 06, 2003

Delays and more delays

After delays, partly due to launching another, work-related, blog, I return to trying to make something of this. Okay, I plead guilty, there was also a sort of paralysis brought about by a lack of clarity of my intent involved. So I took more time to explore other blogs (always a major temptation) and think about what I wanted to put into a blog. I hope I have a better idea now of what I want to do to make this interesting for you readers, and different. I want to be freshly masticated, not regurgitated, natter.

Voice, acknowledgement of what is different in the perspective I bring, and not writing unless I have something to say will be my aim. There may be some gaps in routine as a result (once there is a routine to gap and gouge).

I am writing this, and what comes before "pre-launch." I hope to sweep aside the electronic veil soon, once there is something here that might actually engage you more than this does.

Posted by dan at August 6, 2003 11:33 PM