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August 02, 2003

On Getting Past Liberalism

"Unless you think hard about political questions in our culture, you are liberal by default. You have to think your way out of liberalism."

That's from an interview with Heather MacDonald that was an inateresting read. I'm not sure how she meant that, it may have been flip, but in a PC-dominated culture it may have substance. All of the PC positions I can think of are liberal in the modern sense (and some in the classical sense too). Therefore, if you don't "think hard," you will probably just come up with the stock, politically "correct," position.

But it's really a matter of your environment. If everyone around you is conservative, you won't move towards liberalism or libertarianism unless you actually think there. The Big Lie effect tends to make us regurgitate the answer we hear most often to political questions unless we actually dig around in our bags for our thinking caps.

Of course, a typical day's television watching will drum in liberal PC answers to the 100 most commonly asked political questions.

Posted by dan at August 2, 2003 03:31 PM