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August 01, 2003

About dislogue

Jim Henley asked in an email, "What is 'dislogue?'" In the process of naming this thing, I early on decided it would have to be a coinage. Every word I tried was already claimed in the registries. Eyeing the blogrolls, however, I noted that a lot were coinages, so I thought, "why not?" Since a blog is something between a monologue and a dialogue, and a lot of bloggers (myself included) tend towards the cranky, I thought of 'dis.' The pun worked on several levels, so it stuck. It really wasn't just the obvious pun that named this (b)log.

My aim for dislogue is one post per day. I hope to do longer pieces that let me explore whatever I write about at some length. The mix will probably be a lot of book talk, occasional fishing, comments on other media and culture, a bit of doggerel, and some personal essays.

At the moment Iím not traveling at all so itís a pure discipline issue. That could change if work picks up.

Comments always welcome.

Posted by dan at August 1, 2003 01:12 AM